Mr. Metzger’s passion for the business came from working closely with his father and uncle in their custom woodworking and furniture restoration shop in New York from early childhood. As a young adult, Mr. Metzger pursued the study of architectural design and drafting, while working as a senior restorer for Galerie Metropol in New York City on Viennese Secessionist furniture. During that same period, the owner of Galerie Metropol took note of Mr. Metzger’s inherent talent and sent him to Vienna, Austria to study French polishing under the tutelage of old world craftsmen. It was there that Mr. Metzger refined his skills of wood conservation and preservation, as well as, mastering the fine art of  authentic French polishing.

For the past Nineteen years, Barry Metzger has owned and operated his own furniture restoration workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Prior to that time, Mr. Metzger owned and operated a shop and managed a crew of restorers in New York City for eleven years. 

In both cities, he has maintained and cultivated a devout following of top interior designers, fine wood craftsmen and high profile private clients who care deeply about maintaining their wood furnishings. In fact, many of his New York and Santa Fe clients are reluctant to have any other restorer touch their cherished family heirlooms or custom built architectural woodwork.

Barry’s father and uncle in the shop,
Brooklyn, NY 1985

Barry & Mr. Votrovsky,

Vienna, Austria 1984

Barry Metzger, proprietor of The Woodcare Specialist, maintains a long European family tradition of over eighty years of preserving antiques, fine furniture, kitchens, built-in cabinetry, architectural woodwork and museum quality pieces.

Barry’s father in the shop,
Brooklyn, NY 1985

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