Furniture repair

Restore your fine furniture and antiques by having The Woodcare Specialist repair loose and broken parts, missing pieces, cracks and splits in the wood.


Rejuvenate your damaged wood finishes by having The Woodcare Specialist come to your home or office and touch-up nicks, chips, scratches water stains and other discolorations of the finish.

To preserve the beauty of your cherished antiques, fine furniture, kitchens, built-in cabinetry, and architectural woodwork in your home or office, The Woodcare Specialist provides the following services:

french polishing

Refresh your antiques and fine furniture by having The Woodcare Specialist use a five hundred year old method of French polishing to bring back the lustre and beauty of the wood.

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Services Offered

maintenancE contRacts

Set up a wood maintenance contract that ensures the highest level of preservation and conservation of your most treasured wood furnishings. The Woodcare Specialist welcomes commercial, as well as residential accounts.

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